Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Laughs Abound

2012 — Washington DC — Republicans Reel From Palin Look Alike

Republicans gloated over their recent election victory until they discovered their candidate was Tina Fey instead of former Governor Sarah Palin. President Fey tried to tell her advisors about the mistake during the convention held in Disneyland, but most advisors laughingly dismissed her.

Campaign advisors failed to realize that President Fey’s many appearances on TV were because of her comedy routines. “We saw her on the screen so we didn’t check the content of her messages,” said communication advisor Skim Alittle. “Isn’t TV used for election campaigns?”

President Fey’s visits to the usual liberal Northeastern part of the country produced key electoral votes when she campaigned on cutting money the health insurance companies could charge patients.

Her campaign manager, Rush Head, said he thought she was talking about cutting money the government spends. “She used the word ‘cutting’, didn’t she?” he said. “That was all I needed to know what she meant.”

Republicans were caught off guard when it was discovered campaign funds of over $500 million were used to support Tina Fey’s production of new Madmen episodes. “I knew she was spending on advertising,” said Alittle. “I just didn’t look beyond the word to see that she mentioned the Madmen TV series — I thought it was campaign advertising.”

The news of the discovery of Tina Fey came just one week after her foreign policy advisor, Red Ninelegs, appointed actor Alec Baldwin to be the new ambassador to Russia. “Doesn’t he know some naval people there?” he asked.

Alittle was relieved of his duties when the connection between Fey and Baldwin in the TV series “30 Rock” became known.

“We just thought he was the best to know about the Russians,” he said, “since we thought that the President would not be able to see Russia from the White House.”

Mistakes have plagued the party. “We didn’t do anything wrong,” Alittle said. “We live on sound bites, so we don’t usually look deeper into the facts.”

Republicans are complaining that the Hollywood industry has been too large and powerful. “We just can’t control them anymore,” Rush Head said. “We made the government small so that we could spend less — now the industry is calling the shots.”

- Tom Pope

Image courtesy of connect.in.com

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