Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thought Of The Week

It comes as no shock that former baseball player Mike McGuire admitted using steroids for at least a decade including 1998, when he broke Roger Maris’ single season home run record. McGuire stated that he took steroids for “health purposes” and that he did not use them to increase his strength or bat speed. McGuire’s confession along with the confessions of other sports figures (like Tiger Woods), politicians, CEO’s, etc. that have fallen from grace, raises an interesting question about human behavior and the lengths that we will go to get ahead.

If given the opportunity, will the average person try to take the easy way out?

1) The average person is hard working and truthful and will always try to achieve his or her goals in as straightforward and honest a way as possible.

2) If given the opportunity to bend or break the rules without the chance of getting caught, the average person will take the opportunity even if he or she knows it’s wrong.

3) A person cheating, lying or breaking the rules will try to rationalize their actions to deflect blame or culpability.

4) The higher up a person is on the social, economic or political ladder, the more untouchable they feel making it easier for them to commit wrongdoing.

5) Other

List your choice of answer (or answers), or an alternative in the Comment section. If you pick answer #5, include an example as to why you picked "Other".

Mark McGuire image courtesy of Reuters.


  1. I believe in #2,3 & 4. Guess I'm jaundiced. -Jon

  2. I chose multiple choices #2,#3, and #4.
    #4 seems one of the most probable factor of a crime of people who have strong power.