Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thought For The Week

Can consensus building work when the leading opposition exists at the extreme edge of the issue?

1] Consensus building can only work by attracting those in the center — ignore trying to influence those on either extreme.
2] Consensus building means we lose sight of the ideal solution and results in pleasing none — grab the core of the ideal and run with it despite the opposition.
3] Consensus building demands that the concept be described in the language used by an opposition — that will mean a successful communication will evolve.
4] Other

List your choice of answer, or an alternative in the Comment section. If you pick answer #4, include an example as to why you picked "Other".

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1 comment:

  1. I will go with option 4. The reason is that the process by which consensus can be established is highly dependent on the structure of our policy-making system. Our government is not suited for pushing through significant legislation for reform. It unfortunately gives too much power to small or narrow interests. The senate, for example, allows very small and relatively homogenous populations to have as as much say as the large states. Add to that the kind of access that powerful, monied interests have to legislatures, then reform have bills will get torn apart.

    That is why we have a conservative, anti-reform party in the Republicans who vote entirely as a block and a majority Democratic party that is prone to division.