Monday, November 10, 2014

Writing Tools

Writers struggle with plot, and scenes, so when the time comes to plan a tight, crisp blend for both, the task can be overwhelming. Not to mention the big question about whether the plot and resolution is deep enough. Check out this outline that might help put the tools together.

A Plot Resolution Outline
Forces Us to Think Through Scene by Scene.

Shows Quickly and Precisely —

(1) Depth of Protagonist’s Conflict How Deep is Deep Enough?

(2) How to Resolve Obstacle Describe Dilemma in a Short Phrase

(3) How Plot Leads to Resolution

Build Up Emotion From Turmoil

Explore —
A lawyer chooses to take a road of self destruction with race cars that ultimately could kill him — a man-against-himself story.

State Conflict — Starts when he fails in a trial.
What is the character's deep problem? Is it — "lawyer loses client"? How does that tell us anything about the lawyer's inner struggle. Why is the lawyer obsessed by the failure of a trail?

What made that case different? What force from his past played a part? Lawyer knew his client? Owed something? Committed some blunder that cost the trial? An associate made a mistake?

Answers Tell Writer About the Level of Depth in the Story.

Ask — What Makes the Story Important for Reader?

Dig Deeper for Answer Remember the key — lawyer made a miscalculation
Past problem linked to a social force — owed loyalty to partner, overcompensates from past mistake

Blunder results because present loyalty is misplaced — casts doubts on the lawyer's ability

Develop Outline to Find Character's Innermost conflict — Forms a Richer Story 

First line — Lawyer Fears his Past Blunder When He Failed to Consider Loyalty to a Partner

Resolution —

Once the Character's Real Conflict is Disclosed, Move to Outline's Resolution

Ask — Does Lawyer Come to Realization of Flaws Or Become Self-Destructive?

Look at the Outline— Problem = Lawyer Fears his Past Blunder Use Plot Structure

a) b) c)

Resolution: Lawyer Finds New Type of Partner to Restore His Faith


[A Lawyer Retreats to Rural Town/ Begins Race Car Hobby — Self Destruction

[B Finds New Love/She Falls Into Legal Problem With Race Cars

[C Lawyer Relives Guilt—New Partner Requires His Loyalty
Conclusion — Lawyer Uses Skills Help New Love

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